What is VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, is comonly referred to as VoIP. It's also known as Voice over IP, or Internet Telephony. What ever you want to call it - it generally means getting a phone call to go over a computer network.

The biggest misconception with VoIP is that the call quality is poor. This is a legacy of people using poor quality services like Skype or MSN Voice Chat, or even some of the residential VoIP services. These mostly free systems are great for saving a few dollers to chat to your friends, but they are not a business grade solution. The reality of VoIP is that it can deliver better then normal phone quality when configured correctly.

Business grade VoIP does cost money, it's not going to eliminate call costs for your business. What it is going to do is help you save money on calls around the world, and have a more dynamic and easy to manage phone solution. In most circumstances - it will also greatly reduce the amount of hardware your business needs on site just to have a phone system. Imagine replacing that huge box in your coffee room with something the size of a couple of match boxes.

A VoIP solution ranges from a single handset on a desk, to thousands of handsets accross hundreds of offices, the principle across all these systems is the same - makeing the sounds you make into a digital signal - and sending them across a network.

VoIP doesn't need to completely replace your existing system. If you are already have a phone system that works for you, it doesn't need to be ripped out just so you can start telling your golf buddies that your office uses VoIP now. VoIP integrates well into almost any phone system. VoIP can also be a great cost saver when you have multiple sites or mobile workers.

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