Server Managment

The enterprise IT infrastructure is growing across all levels, and increasingly becoming more complex to manage. Large enterprises are setting up centralized data centers, supported by global network topologies and distributed storage management strategies. Managing this fast evolving set-up demands evolutionary process frameworks, cross-technology expertise and experience, and above all, focus.

Purple Oranges offers infrastructure management services for geographically distributed network resources. Our monitoring and management programs ensure improved service levels, better response-times, minimized downtime and proactive support. We provide comprehensive and flexible solutions addressing all significant layers of technology are provided that include:

Server Management & Monitoring

Our team will monitor key components and the utilization of system resources, including server availability, utilization rate, performance and configuration. Our specialist administrators also work in real time to ensure effective functioning of your servers and to prevent any problems from occurring, which could interrupt server operations. Server management services include:

    * 24/7 administration of the server, data center using a slew of automated tools
    * Remote problem & incident management
    * Operating System upgrade & version control
    * Optimize disk usage, processor usage & load balancing
    * Security and bug patch notification for the operating system
    * Performance monitoring of Internet-based infrastructure including hardware, software, OS, bandwidth & websites (collocation, automatic traffic redirection, storage replication & mirroring)
    * Alert & problem escalation to appropriate party based on agreed upon processes

Storage Management & Monitoring

We has significant expertise in managing very large, complex SAN environments. CSS engineers will monitor SAN availability, utilization rate, performance and configuration on a 24x7 basis to ensure that mission critical data is always available. Storage management services include:

    * 24/7 administration SAN using a slew of automated tools.
    * Remote problem & incident management.
    * Optimize SAN usage & data load balancing.
    * SAN, NAS and Backup/Restore services
    * Alert & problem escalation to appropriate party based on agreed boundaries.

Network Management & Monitoring

Purple Oranges helps you create a robust, scalable and high performance enterprise network by designing your data networking infrastructure, managing performance and capacity for applications and by troubleshooting the most complex networking challenges. Network administrators will monitor your network infrastructure 24x7, ensure that your network functions at its optimum level and that effective performance & capacity planning practices are in place. This involves:

    * Managing Network Devices - Configuration and maintenance of firewalls, load balancers, routers, switches, hubs, etc.
    * Managing Network Performance - Monitor network thresholds, manage and administer network usage effectively.
    * Network Fault Management - Optimizing the detection, performing root cause analysis and isolation
    * Technical and Management Reporting - Event analysis, watch lists, recommendations and more.
    * Voice Networking services to deliver total telephony solutions.

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