Not sure what VoIP is? Click here for a brief explanation...

No longer is Voice over IP (VoIP) the domain of Skype users and computer nerds, VoIP has evolved and now has some very real advantages to offer business.

VoIP solutions can range from a fully featured PBX, to simple call termination.

Phone systems using VoIP technology offer advanced features that can cost thousands of dollars with legacy PBX's - but are simple and cost effective to deliver with our system. Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voicemail, Call Queuing, Remote Workers - all very easy to implement with a Purple Oranges VoIP Solution.

Even if you have an existing phone system, or just a couple of phone lines - VoIP will be able to bring something to the table.

Imagine being able to make and receive calls as if you were in the office, all from your laptop - anywhere in the world! You can have it, and so can your staff - and it is a lot cheaper then you think.

Let us know about you, and our VoIP team will be more then happy to discuss your needs!

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